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On October 13th, 2014 a “significant size spill” [4.500 barrels] of crude oil fell into the Caddo Bayou.  Once the leak was noticed, it was shut down 20 minutes later, but by that time the Bayou was already polluted. 

100s of fish and reptiles died due to the water/land pollution, three families left the area until the cleanup is complete and due to the pungent order that fills the area, air monitors were installed to gauge the fumes toxicity. 

As a result, Sunoco is responsible for all costs associated with the spill, cleanup cost, the full costs the three families will incur for the duration they have relocated as well as $20million in property damage. 


What if they had Field Eagle?

The exact cause of the leak is not yet identified however, a field inspection software could help forecast the exact weak points of the line.  With detailed periodic inspections and accurate reports, an inspection software like Field Eagle, can help forecast where maintenance is needed as well ensure proper maintenance and upkeep is done to the line to ensure the accidents like this one doesn’t happen. 

We want to hear from you, join the conversation with #FEPrevent and @fieldeagle do you have an idea what happened to cause the leak?

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