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During a routine shift change on May 13th, 2014, 787 miners were inside the coal mine when an explosion occurred cutting off the power to the mine elevator.  Without a way to escape the mine, many were trapped underground when a coal mine fire ignited, lasting 2 days and killing a total of 301 miners

Prior to this disaster, mine workers have commented on the poor safety conditions, and improper inspections that were occurring.  This disaster sparked huge political backlash – failure to enforce proper safety regulations in Turkey – and a total of 4 mine workers were arrested, the charges still unknown. 

It was reported by former mine workers, that mine inspectors never visited the lower reached of the Soma Mine and never truly saw the actual condition of the mine.  Therefore, it is clear that negligence and a lack of inspections acted to the mine’s demise.


What if they had Field Eagle?

Turkey has a poor reputation with regards to mining accidents, due to poor safety conditions and failure to comply with international standards.  Therefore, the preventative measures should be set in all of Turkey and not just individual mine owners.

A field inspection software like Field Eagle would work to benefit Turkey and Mine Owners, making it easy, cost effective and efficient to develop a safety standard and make sure all inspectors follow and comply with the inspection software to prevent future accidents such as this one. 

What do you think, do you think Turkey and Turkey’s mines could benefit from Field eagle? Do you think this will help change the reputation Turkey developed over the years? Join the conversation @fieldeagle #FEPrevent.


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