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Only 8 months after a $4 Billion modernization to the 100 year old BP oil refinery, a malfunction of the distillation unit sent oil into Lake Michigan.  It’s unsure exactly how much oil has polluted the great lakes, but the estimate is upwards of 1600 gallons. 

The charges, fines and environmental damage of the March 2014 disaster is not yet tallied up, however, it is clear that this malfunction could have been prevented.


What if they had Field Eagle?

With a full overhaul completed less than a year prior to a malfunction it is hard to believe that a malfunction could have happened if proper inspections were done.

Before the refinery reopened in July 2013 after the overhaul, it would have been important to have a full inspection to make sure everything is up to par and working according to plan.   If an adequate inspection was conducted, this malfunction would have been detected earlier and fixed before the refinery opened.

This case is new and hard to pinpoint the true cause, so we want to hear from you.  Do you think a field inspection software would have helped prevent this accident? Join the conversation at @fieldeagle #FEPrevent. 

If you want to prevent future accidents with Field Eagle, contact us for a free demo at info@fieldeagle.com


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