• Author: The Field Eagle Team
  • Published: 4/1/2020 7:35:46 AM

UPDATED - APRIL 29, 2020

Amidst a very unprecedented and challenging time with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, legacy industries' top priority remains to be health and safety. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses, communities, families, and our day-to-day activities. During this time, the Field Eagle team wanted to provide a list of resources with relevant information pertaining to COVID-19 to help support American and Canadian businesses, to guide them during these difficult times. This list of resources will be kept up-to-date to lessen the impact of this crisis. 

Our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, and we extend our heartfelt wishes, hoping for their full recovery.

Lastly, the Field Eagle team is inspired by the selfless healthcare workers and others, providing essential services around the world who are on the front lines working tirelessly to ensure people's needs are met. We are grateful for your support, hard work, and dedication. We thank you for your service.

List of Resources for High-Risk Industries


  • OECD - Includes OECD's Economic Outlook Interim Report released on March 2, 2020 and other key takeaways and information pertaining to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak


British Columbia


  • ASHRAE - COVID-19 preparedness resources from ASHRAE and others, with respect to the operation and maintenance of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems.

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