• Author: The Field Eagle Team
  • Published: 12/11/2017 2:00:20 PM

Common Construction Industry Myths

The construction industry is made up of so many small parts, regulations, jobs, and practices that it’s no wonder there is a lot of misinformation out there about it. Sometimes the construction industry does not get the recognition it deserves due to myths and falsities, which unfortunately means that many hardworking individuals out there are being misrepresented. This is why we’ve gathered and debunked some of the most common myths about the construction industry.


Myth #1: Most people that work in construction do so because they cannot find work anywhere else

The construction industry is full of job opportunities that require all kinds of different skills. This means that there is much to learn and discover when working in the industry, which is something that most construction professionals value very highly. These individuals are exactly where they want to be and are actually well taken care of in terms of compensation, overtime, and holidays. Many also enjoy the fact that construction often means being able to work with your hands and move around.


Myth #2: Anyone can get a job in the construction industry

You may be surprised to learn that many if not most construction workers have some college education or are considered to be skilled tradesmen. Just because construction jobs involve physical labour does not mean there is no academic knowledge being applied. Many construction workers need to use their heads along with their hands in order to get the job done right. Construction industry jobs can also be very competitive, especially in the case of apprenticeships. Anyone interested in pursuing upper-level positions such as in project management are usually required to have a degree or further technical training.


Myth #3: Construction jobs lead nowhere and will not make you successful

As society advances and grows, so does the need to expand and improve things such as infrastructure, housing, public transportation, and commercial space; this is why construction is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are plenty of opportunities for construction workers to earn a great living, and there are also many opportunities to get ahead in the industry and build a rewarding career. Construction is also one of the only industries left in which entrepreneurs and skilled workers can start and grow their own company with a good chance at seeing it become successful.


Myth #4: Working construction is dangerous

The construction industry is in fact safer today than it has ever been before. Of course accidents do still occasionally happen, but current safety standards and regulations are in place to keep them to a minimum. Fatal accidents are decreasing each and every year, and companies have learned that developing risk management plans, holding regular safety meetings, and continuously monitoring safety in every way is the best possible way to decrease construction site accidents and injuries. Also, the tools and equipment used by construction workers are only getting more advanced and including more safety features, meaning they are safer to use today than ever.


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