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Utilize Data Insights to Fuel your Oil and Gas Company

use data insights to fuel your oil and gas company

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In the oil and gas sector, having the right information matters. Companies need to possess data to make informed decisions. They need to know what is happening across all of the different sites and how changing regulations can impact them in detail.

Oil and gas inspection software plays a key role in data management. Digital tools help leaders and managers automate the simplest of tasks. They also help pull in information to better understand and view current trends.

The right software makes a difference for businesses looking to stay ahead of their competition. With the right tools, businesses can also schedule preventative maintenance activities, a great asset to any oil and gas company. This exercise alone can have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Importance of Data Insights

Having the right data is a key requirement when making decisions. Without a clear understanding of issues in the field, leaders are unable to course correct. However, when the right oil and gas inspection software is used, this is not the case. Exceptional software not only provides access to information in real-time, but it also helps with detailed analysis.

Field inspection software is valuable for a variety of reasons. Real-time data allows companies and workers to properly monitor their inspections without wait times, in a precise and efficient manner.

Many companies have inspectors in the field for weeks and months at a time. It is important to have a solution in place to get the data they have compiled straight away. This solution needs to look for trends across sites and should be easily accessible, enabling workers to get the job done.

Of course, having access to data is only part of the solution. How businesses use that data is just as important. With the right solution in place, trend analysis is simplified. The software can review multiple sites to look for patterns of issues and on-the-spot corrections can be made by employees. With an outstanding inspection software and a good maintenance plan, operational efficiencies are improved upon and performance standards and requirements are met as a result.

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Preventative Maintenance

When looking for the right tool for preventative maintenance, there are a couple of key criteria that must be met.

The first principle is automation. Where possible, you need to look for a tool that simplifies day-to-day activities. Automation helps inspectors and auditors quickly and easily navigate the entire system. By ensuring the right information is presented at the right stage of inspection, time is saved and inaccuracies are surely avoided.

Another key feature that needs to be in place with oil and gas inspection software is real-time compliance. Rules and regulations change frequently. If your inspectors are not aware of what the current requirements are, they are going to miss key measurements. Of course, preventative maintenance would not be possible without the ability to plan.

Preventative maintenance software needs to have the ability to integrate with a schedule. It should incorporate an inventory control module and link inventory across sites.

Preventative maintenance is all about safety and ROI. By ensuring that your equipment is at peak efficiency, you can certainly save money. This also increases productivity and helps save lives.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation sounds more complicated than it is. Put simply, it is used to refer to any change within a business caused by digital technology. This can be software, IoT, AI, VR or any of a host of new technologies.

Businesses around the world are embracing digital transformation. The old way of working is simply not as effective. Companies are well aware that the only way they can compete is through digital means. This includes the way they talk to their customers and also the tools they apply to their operations.

While oil and gas companies are considered legacy industries, they have also started to change their processes. By embracing tools such as digital oil and gas inspection software, these companies are becoming more efficient through improved automation and data.

Digital transformation is not slowing down. Furthermore, there are still companies that have just started down this path. Many organizations are only beginning the journey and are finally in the right place to embrace such change.

Data today is a commodity. What once used to cost hundreds of dollars is now available for pennies. Big data trends are helping businesses analyze and understand this data. These courses are increasingly being used by businesses to save money and increase efficiencies.

While the ROI of digital in other businesses has been quickly realized, it has certainly taken longer in oil and gas. This is primarily due to the environment and also the cost required to upgrade hundreds of sites around the world. However, while it has been slower, it has adopted a steady pace towards the digital path.


When selecting the right oil and gas inspection software for digital transformation and preventative maintenance, there is only one choice. Field Eagle has everything your organization needs.

The Field Eagle solution is designed for high-risk industries. It has been used by some of the biggest oil and gas companies in the world. It lets businesses make decisions faster and provides site-specific records.

With its integrated asset and inventory control management, preventative maintenance is simplified. Field Eagle also lets inspectors use the latest templates in the field. Through its ability to connect in real-time with a central server, Field Eagle keeps the entire inspection process aligned. By collecting data in real-time, auditors and managers can better understand and react to trends faster and easier.

Field Eagle helps you understand your data. You can use it to configure dashboards based on your targeted metrics. Field Eagle helps improve profitability and ensures that companies work effectively. Try our 15-day free trial today.

The release of the new Field Eagle scheduling module is also just around the corner. Clients have asked for this feature and the Field Eagle team is proud to deliver it. Stay tuned for more product updates.

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